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2021 Registration is Open!

2021 Registration is OPEN!


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Dear BJF Family,

We know this is a scary and dangerous time for the entire BJF family past and present. We understand that many in the BJF community are personally affected through financial hardships, sickness, and having your spirited child stuck indoors! BJF as an organization is looking into ways we can safely help our neighbors and community. BJF, at our core is a community-based organization. We pride ourselves on prioritizing our BJF families and players over wins and losses. In uncertain times like this we believe it’s all hands on deck and we all need to do our part to help, so to that end, BFJ will donate 5% of registration fees to a local non-profit organization that is directly helping those affected by COVID-19.

As you speak with your young athletes about the uncertainty of this situation please know that we understand how difficult it is to articulate everything that is happening. There is a lot to process here, they are facing sports and events cancelled and having to change the way they have lived their whole life, but remember, the lessons football teaches are exactly the lessons they must rely on in these tough times. Hard work, sacrifice, and a servant-leadership are vital components of success on the gridiron. Football creates a team environment that speaks to a higher calling. One that puts the needs of the whole, over individual concerns. The current crisis asks our athletes and all of us to apply these ideas in a more critical situation. We are sacrificing a lot, but it is not about us as individuals, we are sacrificing for the health of our most vulnerable populations. Please help your young Knight understand that living up to this difficult civic responsibility is honorable and should become a source of pride.

Our sincerest condolences to the Whitehead family who has recently lost a relative to COVID-19. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Thank you and be safe,
Benjamin Walker
BJF President

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